Hey there, my name is Ebz. Creative behind Mahouology. Thank you for visiting my site!

I'm an artist and designer from the Midlands area that is very inspired by anime and subculture fashions.

I, like so many others, began my journey by having a round electric mouse enter my childhood in the 90s that zapped my brain and brainwashed me into absorbing copious amounts of anime in my teens. 

Over 20 years later, in 2019 I found myself waiting in line for 12+ hours in London so that I might worship at the pop-up temple of Pikachu and come away with plushies and merchandise I ran out of room for years previously...*sobbles*.

From this gateway sprang a deeper admiration and a wider knowledge of Japanese pop culture, as someone whose always been interested in alternative fashions I couldn't help but be drawn in by Harajuku's artists and brands.

With Mahouology I want to encompass all the Japanese cute/manga/fashion stuff I love and am inspired by. Mahou means Magic in Japanese and people who know me know that I've been hugely interested in Archaeology and various other sciencey-'ologies' all my life, so if anything were to be my own field of research/study it would be magical and sparkly Japanese pop culture things! 


I am super fortunate enough to be able to travel around and create alongside my partner Bunny_Boops. We adore comic con and are so grateful for your support! One of our favourite things is getting to see you lovely people! 

No Prompto cosplayer is safe from Bunny's squeals and I cannot be contained when I see a Violet Evergarden!
We love to get dressed up ourselves; we are huge Yuri on Ice fans and can often be seen in our "Stay Close to me" dresses. On a casual day, we'll be in fairykei! I'm also on a mission for us to get matching unicorn onesies...watch this space ;)


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